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12th Annual Fabulous Woman Awards 2024
12th Annual Fabulous Woman Awards 2024
Fabulous Woman Awards
12th Annual Fabulous Woman Awards 2024
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Some 2022 Winners
Fabulous Women Awards
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2022 Highlights
Fabulous Woman Awards
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A Look At the 10th Annual Fabulous Woman Awards 2022
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Awards Date
03 August, 2024
Awards location​
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Fabulous Woman Awards

Fabulous Woman Awards is initiative of Fabulous Girls Foundation launched in 2013 to honour and celebrate excellent African women and girls.

Fabulous Girls Foundation is an award-winning, Non-Profit Organisation that uplifts, empowers young women through personal and educational development, mentorship and also solve youth unemployment through partnerships. FabGalz® seeks to inspire young women from the age of 18-35 to pursue education, aim much higher than their current circumstances in the belief that life is indeed fabulous in spite of their personal history. We recognise the achievement of women through Fabulous Woman awards.

The awards are aimed at honouring SA women and girls who have done sterling work in the empowerment and advancement of women and are the embodiment of ethical womanhood in South Africa.

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